Pin a File to the “Recent” List

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Word, Excel, PowerPoint tip – On the “File” tab of each of these Microsoft 2010 programs is a recently used file list. It displays the last 25 files opened and offers the convenience of reopening these files by simply clicking the file name. As different files are opened, the list keeps changing to display the 25 most recently opened files. For your convenience, files can be pinned to prevent them from rotating off the list. This “pinning” tip tells you how to do just that!

 Pin a File to the “Recent” List

  1. On the “File” tab, choose “Recent.” A list of up to 25 recently opened files appears.
  2. To the right of the desired file name, click the “Pin this item to the list” button. The button changes to the “Unpin this item from the list” button. The pinned file name remains on the “Recent” list until it is unpinned.

          >      To unpin a file from the “Recent” list, click the “Unpin this item from the list” button.

Watch the video below and see how to pin a file to the “Recent” list.

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