Shortcuts for PowerPoint Presenters

Work smarter, not harder!

PowerPoint Tip –

When delivering a PowerPoint presentation, have you ever wanted to?

  •  Write or draw on a slide
  •  Make the screen temporarily go blank for discussion purposes
  •  Go to a specific slide or display a hidden slide

Did you know there are quick keystrokes available for these actions (and many others)? Discover some valuable shortcuts in the table below.

 Shortcuts for PowerPoint Presenters

  1. While delivering a presentation, choose from the following:
    To Press
    Black/unblack the screen [b] or [.] period
    White/unwhite the screen [w] or [,] comma
    Change the pointer to a pen [Ctrl] + [p] and write or draw
    Change the pen to a pointer [Ctrl] + [a]
    Erase writing or drawing [e]
    Display a specific slide Enter the slide number & press [Enter]
    Display the next slide if hidden [h]

Bonus: To display all the shortcuts available while delivering a presentation, press [F1].

Watch the video below and learn to use some great PowerPoint Presenter shortcuts!

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