Insert Horizontal Lines with Keystrokes

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Word & Outlook Tip – Horizontal lines that span from margin to margin can be used to insert separations in documents and e-mails. Use this tip to quickly create a variety of lines such as the double line below this paragraph, and the two lines below the table!

Horizontal double lines in Word

Quickly Insert Horizontal Lines with Keystrokes

Position the insertion point in the desired document or e-mail location and choose from the following keyboard options:

Insert Horizontal Lines in Word

Horizontal dotted lines in word

If this feature doesn’t work, enable this setting: On the “File” tab, choose Options. Click the “Proofing” category and click the AutoCorrect Options button. On the “AutoFormat As You Type” tab, in the “Apply as you type” area, enable “Border lines.”

Horizontal zig zag Line Word

Watch the video below and see how to quickly insert horizontal lines with simple keystrokes!

If you need help or information about the tip, contact us and we will be happy to go over it with you.